We are a start-up social enterprise that brings the community together through Ethnic snacks!

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Mindful snacking

Hand-picked ingredients

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Vendor spotlight

Arancini Lovers

Behind the scenes of Arancini is Barbara Palazzolo, an Italian who moved to Canada with her family 7 years ago. Her territory of origin is Sicily, specifically a small village called Donnalucata, on the Mediterranean Sea in Province of Ragusa. Arancini Lovers was an idea that we already had in mind for a long time, but it only became a reality during the Covid pandemic. I love all the processes related to the production of arancini. From the careful choice of ingredients to the realization and delivery to the customer. Our mission is to bring a taste of Sicily to Toronto presenting this delicacy to those who have never had the opportunity to taste it AND to revive the emotions and nostalgia evoked by the authentic Sicilian arancino to all Sicilians and Italians who immigrated to Canada. It is precisely here that Culture Snack plays an important role for us, in fact it helps us to make the Sicilian culinary culture known.


Zahra Bakery

I notice the lack of Moroccan cuisine/restaurants even before the pandemic. I was inspired to share the dishes from my heart through my kitchen and into the stomach of my fellow Torontonians by sharing with them the love I had for cooking, baking, and making foods from my culture. My favorite part of my process is witnessing the final product of my labor. I often start with many of the same ingredients, but once mixed, blended, kneaded, or fused, the outcome of those same ingredients can give me many dishes. I do this alongside my amazing Mom. Cultural Snacks is a platform that will allow us to showcase our Morocco snacks to the rest of Canada. Cooking has always been a way I show love and appreciation. The opportunity to do that with my family to share our dishes with you brings us the greatest joy. I hope you love our Moroccan Harcha and Chneck Snack!

Reda Jbara

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